Legal Status of the AJ&K Election Commission

AJK Election Commission has been established vide 13th amendment in AJK Interim Constitution vide Article 50 which provides that the Election Commission shall consists of Chief Election Commissioner and two members. Chief Election Commissioner is the Chairman of the Commission and administrative head of the organization. Commission is assisted by the Election Commission Secretariat headed by Secretary Election Commission.

Mandate of Election Commission to organize and conduct:-

  1. Elections to the office of the President.
  2. Elections to the office of Legislative Assembly.
  3. Election to the office of AJK Council.
  4. By-elections to fill casual vacancies in the Council and Legislative Assembly.
  5. Local Government Elections.

For the purpose of elections to Assembly and Local Government Elections the Election Commission undertakes following activities:-

  1. Preparation of Electoral Rolls for the conduct of elections and revision of such rolls.
  2. Delimitation of constituencies.